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What’s up nerds? Welcome to Nerds Gone Rogue, a place created by friends to hang out and discuss the things they love including video games, movies, beer, bad impressions, music, and more. You can find a new show right here, on our YouTube page, and on your podcast service of choice every day at 10am EST. We’re so glad you’re here! And remember to rate us and hit that subscribe button!

Nerds Gone Rogue is a video game and pop culture podcast hosted by Corey Dirrig, Matthew Kiel, Moose Clewell, and many of their friends from across the internet. The rag tag crew discuss games, beer, movies, music, TV, Sean Connery, The Rock, and basically anything else they want. That’s the beauty of this conversational show! Download NGR Radio on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Podbean, and Google Play Mondays at 10am EST. The videocast is available on our YouTube page and on NGRRadio.com.

NGR Radio is proud to have World 1-1 as part of our growing network of exceptional gaming entertainment! This weekly show is about video games with two gentlemen and a scoundrel. The latest episodes can be found weekly on Mondays.

Nerds Gone Platinum is NGR Radio’s PlayStation show, where Moose, Jason, and Jeff, as well as their friends discuss the week in PlayStation including news, deals, opinions, review discussions, and of course, their amazing trophy race. Follow Nerds Gone Platinum on Twitter @NG_Platinum and email the show at nerdsgoneplatinum@gmail.com. You can find Nerds Gone Platinum every Thursday on NGR Radio’s YouTube page and NGRRadio.com as well as the audio versions on iTunes, Google Play, Shoutengine, and soon Stitcher. Thanks for joining NGP, good hunting out there!

Corey and Edward lead the charge on Nintendo content for Nerds Gone Rogue, so it would only make sense to have a semi-successful Nintendo Podcast. Nintendo Pow Block is your source for all things Nintendo. The guys as well as their friends discuss the week in Nintendo, including news, questions, and rumors. Join the Pow Block! Download it every Tuesday and Friday on iTunes and Google Play as well as YouTube at 10:00am EST. Email the show at NintendoPowBlock@gmail.com.

Arsenal X is NGR Radio’s Xbox show! Lead by Edward Varnell, Corey Dirrig, and Jesse Douglas, the crew discuss everything happening in the Xbox ecosystem from news, rumors, community questions, and more. You can find Aresnal X every Wednesday on iTunes and Google Play as well as the videocast on ngrradio.com and our YouTube page! Remember to email the show at ArsenalXPodcast@gmail.com! Jump into Arsenal X.

This is a combination of cool extra content from the NGR Crew! We react to game trailers, play games, movie commentaries, and unbox cool shit. Wanna come play with us? Let us know!

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