A PlayStation Fireside Chat – Nerds Gone Platinum Episode 83

Like most video games pre-Day 1 patch, Episode 83 has issues with the framerate, connectivity and voice over acting. Nevermind, the acting is just bad. Jason is on the DL so Moose and Jeff take over with a special guest. This is why we cannot have nice things.


Review – Burnout Paradise Remastered

Yeah, Still Good FOLLOW MATT: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | TWITCH Just over a month ago, Burnout Paradise Remastered was announced. A week ago, it was released. Upon hearing the announcement, a joyous amount of nostalgia washed over me in a way that I can only equate to fans of Final Fantasy VI or VII when you mention it. I don't have the attachment to … Continue reading Review – Burnout Paradise Remastered