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Here is when you can find your favorite NGR Radio showtimes! Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube or your favorite podcast service! Also Watch Us Live on Twitch, Follow Here!


7:00am EST: Nerds Gone Rogue! The NGR Radio Podcast
10:00am EST: The NGR Radio Let’s Play Show (Starting in April)
12:00pm EST: Pow Block Expansion Pack


7:00am EST: The World 1-1 Podcast
10:00am EST: Nintendo Pow Block
12:00pm EST: Platinum Gaming Challenge


7:00am EST: Arsenal X: NGR Radio’s Xbox Podcast
10:00am EST: Squad Goals (Starting in April)
12:00pm EST: World 1-1 Minus World


7:00am EST: Nerds Gone Platinum: NGR Radio’s PlayStation Podcast
10:00am EST: Retro Games Show (Untitled)
12:00pm EST: NGR Radio B-Sides


7:00am EST: Nintendo Pow Block
10:00am EST: The NGR Radio Let’s Play Show
12:00pm EST: Arsenal X Xpansion Pass


8:00am EST: Let’s Pod and Play (March – May, September – November)
8:00am EST: (June – August, December – February)
10:00am EST: Saturday Morning Let’s Plays
12:00pm EST: Let’s Play Video Game 20 Questions by NGR Radio!

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