Why Destiny is Still Important – Tower Casuals Episode 1

It all comes full circle. Corey and Jesse launch the pilot episode of Tower Casuals, a spiritual successor to the DNA Weekly Strike podcast, the spawning of what Nerds Gone Rogue has become. In this pilot episode of the show, Jesse and Corey talk about games as a service, what the battle this spring will look like, and why Destiny is still an important part of this race.

Welcome To The NX Challenge 2019

Eddie Phrezh here to talk about the NX Challenge. Corey Hudson Dirrig, Jesse Douglas, and I will be going through our backlog of games for Nintendo systems and Xbox. We will keep a tally of Yoshi Coins and at the end, we'll see who has the most. We invite you guys to join in and … Continue reading Welcome To The NX Challenge 2019

2018 — Game Over: Would You Like to Continue?

2018 on a personal level was a year that kind of challenged my own thoughts about myself, my life and abilities in ways I more or less just let come at me. With the sole exception of proposing to my partner, I feel like, if I were in Vegas, I would've been saying "let it … Continue reading 2018 — Game Over: Would You Like to Continue?