Reaching That Iconic Level

Mario and Luigi. Those two alone have been on many grand adventures together and solo. Looking past their sales and design, these two have reached a status most games struggle to be known for. In this modern era, one game may put you there.  For others, it may take a few titles.  For the Mario … Continue reading Reaching That Iconic Level

The Beauty Of Video Games: The Art Of The Character

Life is such a ride to be on. Meeting new people, going on adventures, allowing creativity to speak to you on various levels, and being inspired by the works and beauty you will encounter. In video games, the stories, environment, themes, and more play an important role. It's not just for fun, but it reaches … Continue reading The Beauty Of Video Games: The Art Of The Character

**GIVEAWAY!!** Nindies Showcase Stuns and Shovel Knight Finally Gets Physical – Nintendo Pow Block 125

GIVEAWAY! Subscribe for a chance to win a $20 eShop Gift Card! Corey, Edward, and Jesse are all back this week to discuss the incredible showing at the Nindies Showcase for August 28 and Shovel Knight's awesome announcements including two expansion release dates and a physical copy announcement!