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Nintendo Pow Block

Corey and Edward lead the charge on Nintendo content for Nerds Gone Rogue, so it would only make sense to have a semi-successful Nintendo Podcast. Nintendo Pow Block is your source for all things Nintendo. The guys as well as their friends discuss the week in Nintendo, including news, questions, and rumors. Join the Pow Block! Download it every Tuesday and Friday on iTunes and Google Play as well as YouTube at 10:00am EST.

Nintendo Pow Block:

Email the show at NintendoPowBlock@gmail.com and join the conversation in our Nintendo Pow Block Facebook Community today! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to check out our day to day happenings!

Pow Block Expansion Pack!

Nintendo Pow Block’s YouTube exclusive segment where Edward, Corey, and their friends discuss the week’s most interesting question from The Question Block inbox. Remember to email us your question at nintendopowblock@gmail.com.


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