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Matt and Corey sit together and go 1 on 1 for some more serious conversations on NGR Radio.

NGR Radio! A Fireside Chat #4 with Matt and Corey

July 17, 2017 // 0 Comments

NGR Radio's Fireside Chats are episodes of the show where Corey and Matt become more personal and open with you, the fans. In their fourth Fireside Chat, Corey and Matt discuss how expanding NGR Radio to curate new ideas and content is a good thing for them, their fans, and their overall idea of what NGR Radio stands for. Also this episode, listeners write in so Matt and Corey can discuss Indiana Jones, remaking their favorite movies, love at first site, hype music, and how they became friends and started a podcast together. All this and more on this very special Fireside Chat episode! [Read More]