That’s A Record: Albums of 2017

By Matthew Kiel Twitter: infinite_rewind | Instagram: @infinite_rewind Winter has set into Philadelphia like that one not-so-distant-but-distant-enough relative that shows up to family gatherings aiming to work their way back into everyone's social calendar. They interrupt conversation flow with their misplaced anecdotes about their life since you last saw them. They've undergone life changes that, … Continue reading That’s A Record: Albums of 2017


Review – Widescreen Winter Romance

The xx feel like they've been gone a while. No, that's not a bad thing. It could've very well been the correct route for this London trio. Their eponymous debut was a bit of an epoch in terms of influence with its oft-imitated, never duplicated blend of late 90s-early 00s R&B and C86 era indie pop. Then again, how can one predict what's going to hit anymore?

Review – Run The Jewels 3

Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3 While it's obvious that talent can exist without genius, talent and genius together don't always make greatness; something else is needed to bond them together. When Killer Mike's 2012 burst of greatness, R.A.P. Music, was produced by former Def Jux label head, El-P the third ingredient was found. It's … Continue reading Review – Run The Jewels 3

That’s A Record! Matthew’s Favorite Albums of 2016

FOLLOW MATT: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | TWITCH Without going too far into it, there would probably be widespread agreement that 2016 was an absolute head-scratcher of a year. And it all started with a gorilla... I'm not here to get sociopolitical or pontificate about where it all went wrong, right or weird. There are better people in your life for … Continue reading That’s A Record! Matthew’s Favorite Albums of 2016

Nerds Gone Rogue’s Top Holiday Songs

The home stretch to the holidays is coming to a close. Chances are there are plenty like me that are well sick of the endless tide of holiday reminders that started well before the final remnants of Thanksgiving had truly been digested. However, as the choir in a Vince Guaraldi song sings, "Christmas time is … Continue reading Nerds Gone Rogue’s Top Holiday Songs