Tetris Is Perfect and Skybound Gets Telltale Staff – Nintendo Pow Block 132

Corey, Edward, and Jesse come together to talk about the possibility of a Xenoblade Chronicles X port and Skybound saving some Telltale staff.


DARK SOULS REMASTERED GIVEAWAY! – Switch 2.0 and People Really Want Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 131

Corey, Edward, and Jesse are back and boy do people want Smash Bros. Also, Assassin's Creed Odyssey streaming is happening and Switch might be getting an upgrade.

Cloud Saves, Civilization VI and Final Fantasy XV Coming to Switch – Nintendo Pow Block 126 **GIVEAWAY!!**

Edward and Corey are back this week to discuss Nintendo Switch Online, Cloud Saves not being supported by all games, Civilization VI, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and answer some listener questions from fans about Nintendo collaborations with other companies.

**GIVEAWAY!!** Nindies Showcase Stuns and Shovel Knight Finally Gets Physical – Nintendo Pow Block 125

GIVEAWAY! Subscribe for a chance to win a $20 eShop Gift Card! Corey, Edward, and Jesse are all back this week to discuss the incredible showing at the Nindies Showcase for August 28 and Shovel Knight's awesome announcements including two expansion release dates and a physical copy announcement!

Parents Pay for Fortnite Coaches and NES Classic Sells Gangbusters! – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 121

Jesse and Edward welcome back Corey to this awesome episode of Nintendo Pow Block! NES Classic outsells every other console, parents are hiring Fortnite coaches for their kids, and the Metroid Easter Egg has finally been found in DKC Tropical Freeze! All that and more on this episode of Pow Block!