The Modern Mixture

Intro to the final week of The Beauty Of Video Games Vol. 4


The Art We Walk With

It was until the Super NES was doing more on their system with games like Starfox and Donkey Kong Country. At that time, Nintendo had to think outside since NEO-GEO was bringing the "arcade" experience home....for $200 a game, Sega was doing Sega CD and interactive games, Turbographix entering the scene with the HuCards and Turbo CD.

It’s Not Just Graphics, It’s Artistry

Seeing the tricks, previews, exclusive game features, and more would be the highlight as I read and absorb the information that was being poured.  Since the Nintendo Entertainment System was my first official own system (my parents had an Atari) and my brother owning a Sega Master System, I had the world of every aspect of games. Added with Arcades and you can see why I still have an affinity for games to this day.

The Beautiful Relationship We Have

As this week come to a close and after we examine all the beautiful things about different characters, there's a simple thing that connects us to them all. Why we root for them, place our decisions based on our morals and personality, and other reasons.  Our relationships, meaningless or not, is why we love them … Continue reading The Beautiful Relationship We Have

Lara Croft And The Leading Ladies

While Princess Toadstool ruled the 80's as one of the most well known female characters and Ms. Pac-Man was, well, a bow add-on to Pac Man, there weren't many fictional women characters in games. Super Mario Bros. 2 allowed you to play as Toadstool and it gave players an idea what each character gameplay and … Continue reading Lara Croft And The Leading Ladies

The Beauty Of Video Games: The Art Of The Character

Life is such a ride to be on. Meeting new people, going on adventures, allowing creativity to speak to you on various levels, and being inspired by the works and beauty you will encounter. In video games, the stories, environment, themes, and more play an important role. It's not just for fun, but it reaches … Continue reading The Beauty Of Video Games: The Art Of The Character

Review – The Last Guardian

After multiple delays and years of development, Studio Japan's The Last Guardian arrived at the beginning of December in 2016. Seeing E3's presentation of the game, many players were still invested while others have moved on from waiting for this gorgeous title. The question most people ponder isn't "was it worth the wait" but more … Continue reading Review – The Last Guardian

Now They Care About Narrative?

Just admit it. You really don't care about God Of War's narrative. Really? When have players been invested in stories or storylines in the action/adventure genre? The love of God Of War are mostly for the combat, graphics and detailed environment, and maybe some voice acting. Also, Kratos saying boy. I have seen many older … Continue reading Now They Care About Narrative?

Alright, Let’s Go With Your Logic

You know what? M-Rated games and other violent art and media are the cause of Mass Shootings here.  They perfectly explain why and how these games are used to make the criminal a professional killer.  Low and Behold, the politicians have solved the question of why they keep happening. So with that logic presented, why … Continue reading Alright, Let’s Go With Your Logic

Alleged and Fact Aren’t The New Cause And Effect

Allege: To assert without proof Fact: something that actually exists; reality; truth, something known to exist or to have to happen A couple of months ago, reports of alleged sexual misconduct, were running rampant across the media.  To this very day, it is still happening and no matter how it is viewed, it will continue … Continue reading Alleged and Fact Aren’t The New Cause And Effect

Totally Destroying The Heart!!!!

As players enjoy Cuphead, Nex Machina, Pulstar, or any shooter at this time, the bullet hell, watch the screen, multitasking shmup genre has had a revolution of sorts in today's industry.  Mixing RPG elements with Smash TV or studying the important design of Mega Man X, testing your simple skill in a challenging way has … Continue reading Totally Destroying The Heart!!!!