Welcome To The NX Challenge 2019

Eddie Phrezh here to talk about the NX Challenge. Corey Hudson Dirrig, Jesse Douglas, and I will be going through our backlog of games for Nintendo systems and Xbox. We will keep a tally of Yoshi Coins and at the end, we'll see who has the most. We invite you guys to join in and … Continue reading Welcome To The NX Challenge 2019

Why One Needs The Other To Survive

Mario is a simple design. The Dragon Warrior/Quest characters have a distinct style to them. Pac-Man came from Pizza.  What ever how characters were created, there has been something from art that has brought it life. From simple pencil sketches to outfits, character design tryouts, and other methods, a lot of games cannot exist with … Continue reading Why One Needs The Other To Survive

The Art We Walk With

It was until the Super NES was doing more on their system with games like Starfox and Donkey Kong Country. At that time, Nintendo had to think outside since NEO-GEO was bringing the "arcade" experience home....for $200 a game, Sega was doing Sega CD and interactive games, Turbographix entering the scene with the HuCards and Turbo CD.

It’s Not Just Graphics, It’s Artistry

Seeing the tricks, previews, exclusive game features, and more would be the highlight as I read and absorb the information that was being poured.  Since the Nintendo Entertainment System was my first official own system (my parents had an Atari) and my brother owning a Sega Master System, I had the world of every aspect of games. Added with Arcades and you can see why I still have an affinity for games to this day.

The Beautiful Relationship We Have

As this week come to a close and after we examine all the beautiful things about different characters, there's a simple thing that connects us to them all. Why we root for them, place our decisions based on our morals and personality, and other reasons.  Our relationships, meaningless or not, is why we love them … Continue reading The Beautiful Relationship We Have