You know what? M-Rated games and other violent art and media are the cause of Mass Shootings here.  They perfectly explain why and how these games are used to make the criminal a professional killer.  Low and Behold, the politicians have solved the question of why they keep happening.

So with that logic presented, why hasn’t anything been done?

Video Games have its rating systems. Stores have their policies in place. Have any gun shops replace their practice areas with HD TVs and controllers? If these games are training them to be murderers, why hasn’t any investigations at Gun S surface in the news and in the explanation of the logic that is being presented?  Since M-rated games take a certain amount of skill to play them, why hasn’t the NRA spoken about this? I mean, they have a game on PlayStation 1 that equals to any game that is First Person with gunplay as its mechanic.

Since President Trump and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has proclaimed this, no action has been taken.  M Rated games are still on the market, ready to be bought.  Neither one of them has walked into a store to learn about their sales, have any console or PC with any M Rated game on them, and haven’t reacted when an M-Rated game has sold very well.  The same action they have taken about gun control is the same action they have taken with video games.

Absolutely nothing.

Wait? The video game industry and retail have place restrictions and policies.  Parents are being educated about video game systems Parental Control options and how the ESRB rate games and why retail associates explain what is fitting for the person who will own or play that particular title.  Nintendo has videos on how you can limit what can be played and what the system will allow just by the use of a smartphone. TV and Movies have to meet standards and requirements also for it to be rated before the public can be shown the artistic work.

Nothing about gun control has started.  No meeting or major discussion about it has been done in decades and yet mass shootings still continue.

So let’s use the same logic that’s being presented when adults commit the exact crime or worst. Hm? Oh, it doesn’t apply to adults? It doesn’t connect to an adult who can customize their gun to kill more efficiently? When Leland Yee was convicted of his crime, no mention of Grand Theft Auto or crime-ridden products have no merit? Why not?

Why can’t this logic be applied to adults who don’t own or even know about video games? The same pundits who have shouted this logic across TV and rallies and news stories, haven’t arisen to the same media and speak about that person with that same logic. It only works on Youth correct?

Young gamers tend to change their taste in games.  Some or most haven’t been at a gun range and been shooting targets with controllers, right? I mean, the transfer of skill in digital media and real-world activities are the same? That logic that’s been given showcases this.  Shouldn’t it?

I must say though that I commend the young students for speaking up and calling this BS. They’re demanding change.  They want to be safe going to school and not have it and they shot up. For us gamers, we know that logic doesn’t work at all.  We know that escape goat tactic doesn’t fly with anyone.

So go ahead and still use that logic.  You believe in it and stand firm in it.  Just know this, you will always be corrected and will be called out. It’s the only logical way.

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