Allege: To assert without proof

Fact: something that actually exists; reality; truth, something known to exist or to have to happen

A couple of months ago, reports of alleged sexual misconduct, were running rampant across the media.  To this very day, it is still happening and no matter how it is viewed, it will continue to be called out and it should.  The awareness of it helps bring light to the business that many of us wouldn’t expect.

Even in the video game industry, sexual misconduct has been called out and there are stories out there that have been told from the victims, which takes courage and confidence to speak out. No one should be treated in that way or manner.

So when the news about David Cage allegedly being difficult to work with, making inappropriate remarks and homophobic and racist jokes, all of this alleged mistreatment was to be taken with a grain of salt.  When he responded though, that’s when the viewpoint from many has taken a turn.

I want to take a look at this from the sideline.  Now, it’s my opinion and no one else’s here on this website and whatever you see it, take it as you will.

For some people, the read allegations as fact.  As long as words about someone they don’t like or thought of, without even knowing the person in real life, can add fuel to use for their point to persuade others not to like or support a person.  Call it hater=aid or whatever, but most tend to believe what they want to believe.

People use the word allegedly so the won’t be sued by the offender for defamation and other legal matters.  The reports of many that make allegations always tend to be anonymous and for me, that causes concerns.  It does because the courage and confidence aren’t seen or felt.  The fear of that person’s revelation can cause harm and backlash.  Basically, running outside to start to cause a stir and then quickly go back inside without being noticed.  From there, the stand by the window and watch all the effects unfurl.

Don’t worry, I’ll touch on Mr. Cage’s response in a moment.

In court, the statement “Innocent until proven guilty”  holds a lot of weight.  We use that statement in real life. That is why evidence and facts will showcase the innocence and guilt. Someone lies, here’s evidence exposing that lie to the jury.  The truth, here is the evidence that supports that too.  All of that becomes fact and from there, the fate of the one or group will be decided.

The problem on why we don’t use this often and take allegations as fact that we go by the “many voices” that get reported.  If they can get people to agree to the allegation toward the offender, they will deem that person as horrible human being.  That’s it. It’s a wrap. They will be known as this. Move on.

Of course, if the offender says anything or not, whatever reason they produce will never be worth accepting.  Apology or claiming it to be untrue, if people turn their back and effect you in a negative way, the alleged already won and has proclaimed that as justice.

No other example (well, there’s many but let’s keep it in gaming for a moment) is Gamergate. Yes, let us roll our eyes and say enough already but examine what basically went down. In August 2014, Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni accused her of trading sex with a game journalist for a good review of her indie game Depression Quest, all in a blog post.  Once that post was made, Ms. Quinn received various forms of harassment and other women started to be harass.  With no shred of proof on Mr. Gjoni side, many took his view as fact and jumped on the bandwagon of the controversy. When the truth came out and that all of it never happen, Mr. Gjoni escaped without a scratch while Ms. Quinn took the heat (and probably still taking it). It was the rap mentality we know and hear so dearly. Male can sleep with any women and brag about it but if it vice versa, the female is considered the negative stereotype.

So, let me address Mr. Cage’s response.  It was reported that his statement was trying to speak on the homophobia and racist part because he worked with celebrities who are gay and black.  That response was good enough for people. He then said judge him by his work.  I know someone will and post reviews, quotes, and other measures to “judge” him. Rather it’s positive or negative, many feel that he’s out of touch and embarrassing to even make those comments.

What was he suppose to say or do? Stay quiet? Let his PR people spin this? Press X to walk away, B for closing his eyes, A to sing Like A Virgin, or Y to dress down to his underwear and model the latest fashionable swimwear, all in 20 seconds while the camera is shaking? Most will say he could’ve spoken on it better and many just called him vulgar things.

I see it as this. He’s innocent until proven guilty.  For the look of it, one person (from what I read) seem to make this allegation. I need the facts. I need the evidence. I need the reveal and the story. Crunch time or development hell is part of getting a title finish and on schedule.  The stories and experiences are out there and until a law is out there that prevents this that we easily state and use, it will continue to happen.

I am not blaming the victim or Mr. Cage in any way. I have to take it with a grain of salt.  If this is to hurt Mr. Cage and it’s business, then it may have.  It also hurts the employee’s who may never have experienced this throughout the games they have made at Quantic Dreams. David Cage built that studio. Even if Mr. Cage walked away, apologize or clarify, his reputation is killed.

I don’t see it though.  I still want to see his vision in games. I still want to see what the team created that only Quantic Dreams and Mr. Cage created. No other publisher or developer will take on that expression that they provide. To me, is all I’m saying.  I can’t distance or take a stand because I don’t know him personally or the accuser.  All I know is that Heavy Rain told a better story than The Last Of Us (and both games are fantastic and deserve their own rewards…ok, I added that part cause it’s a personal thing).

That might say a few things about me but I’m seeing this from the sideline.  You can say it seems I made a choice defending Mr. Cage, and that’s fine.  You can say I’m ignoring the accusors alleged statements. That’s fine too.  Guess what? Would this matter for a couple of months now? What’s going to happen to Detroit: Become Human? Will Sony lose fans to other platforms because they worked with QD again on a game? Would this be mention at the end of 2018?  I know for me. I’ll wait for the facts from the accuser.  Mr. Cage may walk away due to the criticism and harassment.  Some will say to me, there’s your evidence. There’s your fact. Until the accuser presents the evidence to back up their statement with actual video or some sort, I have to look at Mr. Cage in that innocent until proven guilty mentality.  Same way I am looking at the accuser.  Present the evidence and I’ll present you a final decision.

Alleging and facts aren’t the new cause and effect because most will jump to the effect and ignore the cause.  It’s the hood rumor that gets sparked and spread around to discourage somebody and brings doubt.  Some of you have encountered this in relationships, friendships, family matters, and even in the gaming community itself.  It hurts and makes you feel and look defenseless.  So before a conclusion is made, let’s ask some questions and find out some things.

As for me, I still wait for the arrival of Detroit: Become Humans.  As of right now, I got to figure how Vanquish 2 can become a Switch exclusive.



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