A console survives not only on its software but they availability of the console.  As weird as it sounds, it’s something most don’t approach on the longevity of that console.  As the NES Mini isn’t technically a console, its shortened time affected on what many would have willing to buy at the price consistently.  With the Super NES and Starfox 2 being attached to it, the guarantee sales attach to the system will be with every shipment stores release.

Yet, what if nothing on the NES Mini or Super NES mini or any must have game was complimenting these consoles? What will get it to sell or even recognize? Word of mouth may work but would that change that platform? Maybe but it’s not set in stone.  Though all may never be lost.

When people didn’t get the DS, most believe Nintendo was going to fail against Sony with the PSP.  Touch Screen? What was Nintendo doing? Even with Xbox, they had nothing on it that was getting the system out there.  What was going to happen if these products suffered?

Luckily, each of them received that game that focuses on that particular product and changed everything around.  For me, it was Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow.  For Xbox players, it was Halo.  These games showcase what the system was about and highlighted the features it was offering.  That touch screen helped expand the market for casual and hard core gamers.  The simplicity, when done right, made playing on the DS enjoyable.  Halo multiplayer gather those who wanted a new experience in First Person Shooters.  With wide range maps, LAN play or split-screen, Halo provided a special fun that was only on Xbox.

When a game can sell a console, it’s never known when it will happen.  When it clicks with various players and the rate of that system and that particular game becomes noticeable, that moment makes history for those companies.  In the past, you were either for Nintendo or Sega.  They each had huge hits but nothing that gave that “it” that transformed sluggish sales into a positive drive of demand for that product.

Look at the Playstation 3.  Even with the Uncharted series being out, nothing pushed the want for the system.  Even with it turning into the slim model.  The Last Of Us, as magnificent as that game is,  was too late to be the game to sell more of the PS3.  Regardless of what the numbers came out to be, the Playstation 3 was just seen as a blu ray player with an easier online functionality and community.  Since 360 had Gears Of War, it was able to hold a strong following of sales for the system and the game.  Sony tried but it was too late.

No matter how you see the N64, Super Mario 64 sold the system and change 3D gaming in general. Gamecube was blessed with Resident Evil 4 for it to happen although Nintendo had some games that you could choose as that it game that sold more systems and titles.  Playstation had FF VII.  Playstation 2 DVD functionality sold it more than Grand Theft Auto 3.

Which brings us to now.  Xbox One is in need of that “it” title to help it sell gamers on what the One can offer.  Playstation 4 doesn’t have that definitive yet but most will debate between Uncharted 4, Horizon, and Bloodborne. Nintendo Switch has The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and who knows what it can be when Xbox One X release.  Will PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds do it? We’ll have to see.

I still believe that the “it” title can sell the system.  The one game, major or indie, can fill the need for those who are curious or on the wait and see side.  It may not even be a popular game that most would expect.  It can come out of nowhere (Minecraft anyone) that help a system and it’s franchise soar.  When the next iteration of systems come forth, we’ll all be waiting to see what will be that next title. Who knows, it may replicate what Mario 64 has done for not only the system and company but for the industry itself.


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