Another year, another bad game has come upon us.  In a year of high-quality Game Of The Year titles, there’s been some trash that has befallen upon us. One of those is the mind numbing and lack of creativity open world game, Ghost Recon: Wildlands.  This train wreck from that C average, our games look and play the same, company known as Ubisoft, once again has released The Division, I mean Watchdogs 2, I mean another Tom Clancy game, who can’t die in peace, because they don’t fully believe in their bargain bin products so they slap his name on it.

Setting the game in Bolivia, you and three other team mates are given the mission to take down the Santa Blanca.  You’ll fight through 4 operations with 4 leaders and their followers before you take on the main head honcho himself, your sanity.  Ok fine, El Sueno. This generic bald head tank of a character doesn’t really play any part but narrate after you finish certain operations.  If narration is a threat to the player and the purpose of this mundane nonsense, I rather hear a mumble rapper struggle to read Cat In The Hat.

The mission structure in the first area is basically the game.  You read that right.  You’ll drive to an area, scope out the area with a drone, disable the alarm, and hopefully go guns a blazing.  Some missions will have you be stealthy where you can’t make noise to achieve information and then getting away.  Most of the AI are pop up book enemies and when you get a sniper gun, you’ll pretty much be able to hand 85% of the game sniping away and completing the mission.  What’s worse though is the fact that while fighting the cartel, with no fault of the player, the military will just hop in and join in the fight against you.  So now, you have to do double work and what happens if you die if you haven’t reached a check point? No, cutting it off is not the answer.  You have to redo the whole boring mission all over again and if you’re playing with other players, you’re moved half way from the mission and all you have to get back there to restart everything!

If you thought the 3DO Remaster looking Destiny was abysmal in the graphics department, hold on to your Mario Paint cart because Wildlands looks bland and dingy.  Oh boy, this game looks like it was stuck on PS3 or 360 if it ran on Atari Jaguar graphics chips.  Nothing pops beside the pop ups when you get close to some areas and compared to the beautiful landscape of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Wildlands could like all other Ubisoft games and they just copy and paste the worlds between all their open world games.  The trees, houses, cars, people, signs, animals, smoke, and other 32X showcasing of the world looks horrible.  No color makes anything stand out and the dull lighting seems poorer than amateur porn if the lighting was done with lite brights.

The game also has a skill point system to survive longer or to keep you away from trading the game in.  The Sad thing about this system: YOU HAVE TO GET RESOURCES TO EVEN GET THAT SKILL TO USE THE POINTS!? What?? You have to go around and collect food, health, water, oil, and other nonusable items that you won’t apply to any of the missions you’re on.  In order to gain more resources, you have to partake in these flying missions.  They took the horrid flying from Grand Theft Auto 5 and made indie developers from Steam Greenlight come in and spend  2 days developing and making it worse.  Once again, Starfox got flying right. After Burner got it right.  A Paper airplane thrown by a child works better!? It’s upsetting companies can’t get this right still.

The images may look good but its a lie.  This game is completely bad and overblown.  The missions are wash, rinse, repeat.  Instead of fighting some of the leaders, you’re escorting them back like you’re an Uber driver, in cars that control worst than a racing game on a Tiger Electronic toy.  To make it worst (spoiler alert for The Room version of Open World games) you don’t even fight El Sueno in the game.  All that work for the ultimate disappointment.  Avoid this game and play something better like The Goonies. At least with that game, you can accomplish something better than whatever Wildlands has to offer.



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