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Beer Review: Pot & Kettle – Trillium Brewing Co, Canton, MA


This iteration of Pot & Kettle is the classic porter brewed with cold brew coffee. The coffee adds a layer of flavor that really gives it a bang. Pot & Kettle clocks in at 7.5% ABV and it pours a deep brown with a generous, but not overbearing, foamy head. Upon smelling it, The cold brew comes in strong with hints of whiskey and chocolate; it’s a very pleasant smell. The important stuff, how it tastes – the coffee flavor is upfront and the star of this show. Smooth and silky, the coffee subsides into a chocolate flavor with ever so slight hints of bourbon. It balances out evenly across the flavor profile on the palate leaving behind a lingering but pleasant mocha bourbon flavor. After finishing the pint, it just leaves you yearning for more.

I recommend this beer. Check out Trillium Brewing Company here!

                                                                        -Written by Jesse White

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