Alex Mauer got desperate.  In fact, she’s still desperate. The story behind all this insanity that has happened is over a contract dispute.  She signed a work for higher with Imagos Software to do music for their game Starmazer DSP.  As it goes, the music she makes will be owned by Imagos Software and she will be paid for her work.  At the time, Imagos Software had paid her in total, $36,500.  Alex informed them she couldn’t work further due to some health issues and that’s where everything should’ve ended.

It didn’t. In fact, it just spun out of control.

Mauer was on a rampage of Copyright Claim craziness.  She did it to Valve for the game itself and Imagos Software counterclaim it.  She had no proof when Valve took it down but in the end, Imagos and Valve got it resolved.  After a failed attempt of trying to sell the game music (that she doesn’t own) for a $1000.00, Imagos Software had Bandcamp shut it down and took off.

That’s when the line not only been cross but destroyed like The Hulk’s landing after jumping off a building.

She started to DMCA a bunch of Youtube channels and used this method for extortion to get YouTubers to attack Imagos Software.  It hasn’t worked because Mauer was getting a lot of heinous responses and even some death threats.  At this time, things haven’t gotten better and the story is still continuing.

This is how I see all of this: It’s absolutely disgusting.  Mauer’s mental health (which may be one of the issues) has gone too far over a dispute she started.  Imagos Software did their part and beyond to compensate her and here she is, acting in a manner that is unprofessional.  The DMCA’s not only affecting Youtube Channels but it really exposes Youtube copyright claim system.  Since she wants others to do her work, Youtube itself allowed her the freedom to do what she pleases with no consequences on her part.

When a person is hurting, it isn’t fair that innocents get dragged into that circle.  Nobody knew what was going on until they got hit with it and things escalated where extortion came into play.  Now that she is being sued, we’ll see what happens at court. For the most part, though, the damage has been done.

Youtube isn’t the same like it use to be and more and more people feel like they should move to other avenues.  Most have set up a Patreon since Youtube change their monetary policy.  Mauer may have certified many to abandon the site in the future.  Since it’s easy for anyone to DMCA somebody, there’s an incentive to not want to post anything there.  For some, they have no other decision.

While all this is happening, I feel that when somebody’s mentality goes out of control and extortion comes into play, that person should stop themselves and walk away from the computer.  Holding these channels hostage so they can complain to the creators to do what? To give in the demands due to a contract that was a breach on the hurt person part and not the other party? It doesn’t work that way.  This affects the culture because those who work hard to provide fun and exciting content on video games are punished with no fault on their own.

This isn’t Gamergate level of outrage but it’s close enough.  Multiple people suffered because of one’s suffering.  This makes our culture and hobby appeal unbalanced a bit further.  We’re steadily fighting a stereotype of what the gaming culture is and still have to handle pundits about school shootings being connected to video games.  We’re still dealing with the negativity in our communities. It doesn’t help that we have this added on.

Things though seem to be changing.  Maurer has been served and all we can do is wait to see if this goes to court.  The damage is still being done and when this is all over, Youtube itself will or may have become, a risky platform to put any content on.  If another video service does arrive that overshadows Youtube and rewards better to the content creators, then Youtube and its unacceptable business practice will have to change or fade away.

Anyway, you see it though, Maurer scarred emotions has caused many problems and any form of recovery will be slow or non-existent. Only time will tell what will happen after the case but Alex Maurer career in video games (and maybe music in general) has come to an end.

I don’t wish ill will toward this person but I don’t look forward to any of her work in the future.


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