Yes! You read that title right. Capcom is known for hit titles but most have been of a Nintendo console and handheld.  Their Arcade titles before ported was one of their strongest business in America before the scene dwindle down to what it is now.  You can’t really say that Bionic Commando and Strider on 360 and Playstation 3 counts because as great as both of those games are, they didn’t have the impact to make it a house hold name like Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, or even the original versions they came from.

Resident Evil was a major success for them but when they moved away from what started it to side games and online multiplayer titles, the appeal and expectation for new number game diminished to the point that no one was interested it being a success and looked forward to its failure. Amid the controversy of Resident Evil 5, it was  linear shoot and share project.  Just like Destiny, it was a title design for co-op because the A.I. in the game had Atari programming with hopes of a revived Jaguar console running Steam Greenlight quality titles.

Resident Evil 6 fair less with it having to much fluff to be a scary or action game.  Multiple story lines, co-op characters, and a plot so dizzying that Kellyanne Conway couldn’t produce Alternative Facts about what went on. It sold and went right to Gamestop in droves.  Good for the million plus sales but for some, the experience was lackluster and forgettable.  Capcom was not in a good spot financially.

A lot of their titles didn’t sell well on Xbox and Playstation.  Lost Planet, Dark Void, Okami, DMC: Devil May Cry, Onimusha, and even recently Street Fighter V (if anyone is still playing that compared to Smash Wii U/3DS).  Despite the reviews and critical acclaim for some of these games, they didn’t numbers anyone expected them to do.  On two platform that are leading platforms for individuals, the numbers should be way past a million.

All of that can possibly change though.  Resident Evil VII has brought back the fear and elements that makes it a worthy title. The sales seem to be strong and reviewer and players are happy that Capcom got the series back on the right track.  The game that was making business for them was Monster Hunter on 3DS.  Who knew a title like that would roll in the dough and help Capcom get on the right track of making excellent and fun content.  No fluff. No cutscene movie extravaganza. Just pure hunting and thorough game play.

Resident Evil VII has tight control, jump scares, sound and lighting effect that are just perfect, and a atmosphere that makes your cautious.  It’s tense and suspenseful while making you want to progress through areas quickly without being attack.  The Baker family, as crazy as they are, shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Their goal is to stop you and kill you. They mean business to when it comes to hunting and hurting you.  With limited space and supplies, it heightens your nerves when you don’t stay calm and think.  With VR added for Playstation players, it makes it to real to bare at times.

So what does that say for Capcom? Can they continue this streak? Can they profit off all four systems this year? Time will tell.  Maybe Capcom will be relevant again like the olden days and we won’t be force fed C rated material.  If Resident Evil VII is the direction they want to go in for the series, I am fine with that but hopefully they continue to evolve the franchise and make it even scarier (the scares in RE VII were lacking further you get into the game).

Don’t worry though. They’ll still need Nintendo to make them money.


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