Growing up with a brother had its moments.  It took a while for mines and I to get on a level of actually being brothers.  We came from different worlds, spoke and carry ourselves separately, and for most part, had no connection on many levels.  I wasn’t trying to be like him and didn’t look up to him for anything.  He love sports and girls and being cool. I loved music, arts, and video games.

I hated things he like and he didn’t want me around his stuff.  You talking about war between us, we didn’t see eye to eye and resolutions was word only left in a dictionary.  When we did come to agreement though, it was always on video games.  Though even that had to stay by itself.  I was the Nintendo. He was the Sega.  We had to take turns switching out systems when we wanted to play something.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t bullied into playing with him.  He ask me at times to play with him and I gladly accept.

I didn’t hate or ignore playing anything Sega related.  The games he played varied and what he couldn’t get far in or learn, I did the opposite.  He would watch me and learn and try to figure out how someone like me can stand up and beat 50 rounds of Pro Wrestling on his own.  I only know back in the day of what he beat on the Master System and Genesis.  Joe Montana and its sequel, Bill Riley Basketball, Michael Jackson Moonwalker, The Ninja, Blackbelt, My Hero and Double Dragon with me.

Now this may sound one sided but these are some of them that I beat: Those games mentioned above, Arrow Flash, Sonic 1 and 2 with all gems, Forgotten Worlds, TMNT Hyperstone Heist, Streets of Rage 1 and 2 on my own and with him when he wanted to play (he didn’t like beat em ups like that), Phelios, Zaxxon 3D without the glasses, TMNT Tournament Fighter,and Altered Beast (who hasn’t beat that ever since it’s been release).  That may seem small but it was my brother systems.  Whatever he had on it, that’s what I to work with.

As possessive as he was, there was time that I couldn’t play until he wanted me to play it for his entertainment.  When I had my Nintendo hooked up, I was getting as much in as I could.  When he wasn’t in a good mood and he saw me playing his systems, I would get yelled at for it.  I didn’t feel like arguing with him so I cut it off and walked away.  When we did argue over it and moms heard (and do realize, in a black family, when you had a mother who took no mess, you knew not to get her upset), I would be the one to get into trouble and punished.  I would try to defend myself but I couldn’t win for nothing.

It wasn’t Sega’s fault mind you.  We’re brothers.  We just didn’t gel and even when he got the Dreamcast, we stayed away from each other systems.  When we couldn’t and didn’t bond from video games, we learned to keep our distance.  We didn’t need another cop episode, not speaking or eating in the house, staying silent and not helping around the house, and other disasters that came into play.  I stayed with my Nintendo, enjoyed my single player games, and never looked forward to anything he bought in the house that was Sega related.  He would play my Nintendo systems but that stop soon when he moved into another room.

As time went on, we became mutual brothers. Speak when we see each other but still stay our each other lives.  I don’t hate or dislike him.  When haven’t game for years together but I can say that without him, I wouldn’t come to know a lot of great Sega titles.  It had some great titles and I was able to beat Shinobi in front of him.  When I did beat games in front of him, I felt good. I felt like my ego was above him.  He may ruled the football field but he couldn’t make it through some of his Sega titles without me.

It’s funny though now. He wants a NES Mini and well, you know me and where mines is at.


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