I love video games.  The stories they tell. The skill that is taught so you may incorporate them into other games.  The worlds that you don’t only visit, but makes you appreciate the art work that went into creating it. Characters that make you smile, are memorable, or just bonkers from the get go.  Video games provide infinite ideas.  It also provides a sadness that brings peace.

A game like Papo & Yo or Ori and The Blind Forest and even That Dragon Cancer, tells a side most of us don’t want to experience.  It’s a emotional journey we, at times, don’t care for because of what it does to us.  When a video game cannot provide the fun fantasy we have come know in games, bringing in that side most us hate to deal with, we turn away or keep it at bay.  We don’t want to deal with a reality (though we enjoy VR at this moment)

Dealing with abuse, death, heart break, damage egos, and more is needed in this industry.  It helps us realize that every world can prepare you to comprehend others who have experience or know to well, the theme the game is producing.  Papo & Yo deals with the fact of abuse. Ori and The Blind Forest deals with lost of a love one.  That Dragon Cancer handles the lost of a child to a illness.  Sometimes, we have to face the fact that themes like this are going to be explored.  The Last of Us handles lost with replacement but that isn’t strong as Heavy Rain, which as a thriller, dealt with sacrifice and psychological effects to a human.

These are topics that I love when some company explore these.  Yes, Mafia III has a KKK mission and that’s awesome in my opinion.  The rest of the game may have other video gaming moments we know so well, but that was bold for a developer to incorporate that.  As a black person, it’s a risky move that may or may not paid off but it made me want the game more.  For a caucasian person, it may be offending, rewarding, or does nothing.

Hopefully games like this continue.  I want to explore these themes and discuss.  It makes me help others and brings a closeness and respect to hear these have affect you and others in the community.  I can honestly say, watching Ori’s E3 and playing Heavy Rain, it made me respect this industry more.  Specially as a Nintendo fan, I can go outside that expectation of their view of video games, and enjoy a realism they cannot provide.

Rather if it’s hurtful or relieving, I want to learn and play them more and more.

It’s a understanding waiting to be known,

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