As I take a break from getting things ready for my Optional Opinion feature for September (The Beauty Of Video Games Vol.2 on, two events happened on Sept. 7th.  The Apple Event and Sony’s Event.  With the Apple event announcing two Nintendo properties with Super Mario Run being a major play for both companies, Sony had a lot to prove with its announcements.  With all the excitement that should have went forth, it fell off the stage as everyone return back to their phones or 3DS.  I, on the other hand have thoughts but this blog isn’t for that.  This blog is for something bigger.


I have had it with this lazy, unpolished, cheaply thrown together rubbish of a system design.  Not even coming from a Nintendo mind frame or bias.  Beside the PS2 slim looking better and fitting for Playstation 2 in general, they haven’t created any system worth looking at.  Say what you will about PSP and Vita, but what made those system worth looking at as a whole?

I understand simple and sleek can go a long way and as much as the Gamecube got mocked, the Gamecube was stylish, creative and chic, and didn’t take up space when packing it up and taking it over a friends house.  Yes, the Wii U looks boring but was trying to be simple and have less focus on its look and more on the games and the Gamepad.  Sony on the other hand, is focusing on power and how to win people over with….um? Win people over with a name?

Look, they have 40 Million systems sold and that’s excellent and yet, they can’t spend part of that money to do a full redesign for a system you want players to upgrade? You can’t treat these systems like it’s a cake needing another layer just to frost and decorate! They have to overhaul and make it look worth the $300 and $400.  I would love to see their design for this system in general and I understand chips, gpu, hard drive, and how it all thaat is going to fit with a fan added on but make it appealing.  The Slim Fax Machine design for PS4? A Mini grill for PS3? A Car Air Filter for PS2? A upside down pound cake with sides to even play your games PS1? All boring. All lack appeal.

Get it together Sony.  Even the photoshop NX pics look better than your real products.  I know I am a single voice but for the love of gaming, enough is enough! Make a console that’s appealing and sleek and not a habachi grill or a Kit Kat Bar!



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